The Executive Committee (EC) meetings continued today, Wednesday, July 26, 2017. Present for the meetings: SCNs Susan Gatz, Sangeeta Ayithamattam, Brenda Gonzales, Mary Elizabeth Miller, Philomena Kottoor, and Amrita Manjaly. Members of the Extended Executive Committee (EEC), Vice Provincials Barbara Flores, Sharon Gray, Beena Chirackal, and Amelia Moras are also in attendance for meetings and discussions.

Meetings got underway with Sister Amrita chairing the day, and Sister Barbara leading the group in a time of meditation and prayer.

Sister Philo gave the report regarding the Patna Province. Highlights include:

  • Team-building that took place with those in leadership.
  • Ongoing government regulations as they impact the Congregation.
  • Steps being taken to meet the needs of Sisters as they age, including the addition of a building in order to address care and accessibility needs.
  • Updates on missions, ministries, and societies.

Following the report, members of the EC and Extended EC offered words of thanksgiving for the leadership, missions and ministries.

Next, Sister Sangeeta shared updates from Botswana, among the highlights:

  • Sister Sangeeta shared just how active the Associates are in Botswana, what a good group of men and women they are, and how they are engaged in the charism of the Congregation.
  • She also spoke of the needs of the people with regard to ongoing education, healthcare, and pastoral care needs. Sister Sangeeta noted how the Bishop supports and appreciates the SCNs.

Words of thanksgiving were offered for Sisters, Associates, ministries and missions of Botswana.

Next, a conversation took place regarding vocations and formation across the Congregation. After liturgy and lunch, meetings resumed with a presentation from Carolyn Cromer, the new Director of Ecological Sustainability for the SCN Congregation. She discussed a proposal from the Sustainable Lands Advisory Committee regarding next steps for the Congregation to address climate change. As the afternoon continued, Diane Curtis and Dana Hinton gave a presentation on Crisis Response.

Meetings came to an end with Sister Barbara leading a closing prayer. Words of gratitude were offered for the collaboration and life-giving ministries taking place across the Congregation.

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