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We are grateful to the following donors who have offered support to the Bicentennial Scholarship Campaign. Through this campaign, we will offer 200 scholarships to girls and young women in places where SCNs have a presence or history. Thank you for joining us in this effort to carry out the mission of Jesus and for being a faithful partner.


  • Bicentennial Partners ($1 – $999)
  • Pioneer Circle ($1,000 – $4,999)
  • Charity Circle ($5,000 – $9,999)
  • Founders Circle ($10,000 – $19,999)
  • Nazareth Circle ($20,000 – $49,999)
  • St. Vincent de Paul Circle ($50,000 – $99,999)
  • Mother Catherine Spalding Circle ($100,000+)

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Robert D. and Barbara Nabholz Charitable Trust Foundation

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Martha Discher, SCN

Louis Kaucic

Rose M. Ratterman

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Gannett Foundation

Jon and Connie Meyer

Benjamin and Marcia Dongieux

Mardeth Jones

June Monaghan, SCN

Flaget Memorial Hospital

Jones, Nale, & Mattingly, PLC

SCNs, SCNAs & Friends (Pittsburgh, Pa.)

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Abbey of Gethsemani

Joseph J. Gerth, III

Eileen Mary Meyer, SCN

Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth

Anne M. Beavan

Jeffrey and Cynthia Gill

Peter and Shirley Meyers

Rita Spalding, SCN

Sharan A. Benton

Margaret R. Hatala

June Monaghan, SCN

St. Frances of Rome Church (Louisville, Ky.)

Mary and Stephen Bonn

Ann-Marie and George Houghton, SCNAs

Nabholz Charitable Foundation

St. Gabriel the Archangel Church (Louisville, Ky.)

Jane and Michael Brodie

Incarnation Catholic Church

Teresa Rose Nabholz, SCN

St. Pius X Church (Louisville, Ky.)

Sally and Jack Caughlin

Jenny Jeter

Susan Willett Neyer

St. Thomas Church (Bardstown, Ky.)

Barbara H. Cecil

Jewish Hospital & St. Mary's Health Care

Patricia O'Toole, SCNA

Joan Susong

Joan and Robert DeVillez


M. Pauline Posey

Gloria and Raul Venzon

Marian Judith Donohue, SCNA

James E. Lawrence, Col USAF (Ret)

Thomas W. Powers

Vivian T. Vesco

Father Andrew White SJ School (Leonardtown, Md. )

Trudi E. Maish, SCNA

Herbert P. Price

Anna Mae Werne

Cecilia Fister

Martha and Joseph Marston

Celeste Reedy, SCN

David and Pat Westhaver

Jean Frazier

Susan McCormick

Sharon Roberts

Robert and Mary Zawalski

Robert M. Fugazzi, SCNA

Memorial Health Care System (Chattanooga, Tenn.)

Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati

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Abe Lawn & Garden (Crestwood, Ky.)

Barbara and Norb Elbert

Shirley Kocinsky, SCN

Ruth M. Ritter

Rev. Robert M. Abel

Mary Naomi Elder, SCN

Barbara A. Koenig

Sue and Gil Rittner

George and Deborah Abell

Lucie S. Elfervig

Teresa Kotturan, SCN

Rev. John Rizzo

Joyce M. Abramson

Mary and Frank Ellington

Joseph Kowalczyk

Joan Robishaw, SCN

Elizabeth Achino

Donna and William Ellis

Mark and Marilyn Krause

Denise Robison

Rose Adams

Maria Cecilia Emanuelli, SCN

George Krauser

Thecla H. Robison

Heather Affolter

Rebecca K. Epperson

Mary Loretto Krimple, SCN

Mary and Patrick Robson

Ann Whelan Agee

Marilyn Esselman

Mary Ann Kropilak, SCN

Mildred G. Roddy

Judith Ann Albrecht

Kathleen and David Estep

Linda and James Kuchenbrod

Rebecca Rodenbaugh, SCN

Carole Allen

E. Joyce Eulner

Mary Immaculata Kuehner, SCN

Sheila Roeller

Herman Alles

Elizabeth and James Evans

Betty and Gerald Kunz

Shirley M. Rogers

Steve Ammon

Julie Ewing

Virginia Ann Lachenmann, SCN

Elinor and Henry Rohlman

Ann and Carl Amorose

Evelyn Faldowski, SCNA

Beatrice Lacombe

Lois and Richard Rolfsen

Janet and Garry Anderson

Reid Family

Harriet L. Lair

Judith A. Rolwing

Margaret H. Anderson

Pamela and James Fanelli

Dolores and Frank Lally

Frances Ronan, SCNA and John Ronan

Patricia Ann Anderson

Nancy Fasnacht

Barbaranelle and Laura Lambert

Sue Ross


Judith Feger

Linda M. Lander

Wilma Ross, SCN


Eleanor G. Fenton

John M. Lane

John and Lisa Rotunni

Frank A. Antonucci

Jason and Leslie Fink

Mary Langenderfer

Julie and Richard Routt

Claire Appling

Karen E. Finnegan

Richard Langley

Rosella C. Rudd

Nardine Aquadro, SCN

Margaret Flaherty

Emily Reinach Lannan

Anne M. Rush

Robert M. Arbour, M.D.

Lorena Fleischmann, SCN

Constance B. Largen

Louellyn Russell, SCN

Renee and Patrick Armstrong

Stephen Fogle

Joyce A. Lasseter

Dorothy and Dan Ryan

Carolyn and Nicholas Arnold

Mary K. Foley

Therese Lawson

Clement Marie Sabol, SCN

Therese Arru, SCN

Julia Clare Fontaine, SCN

Helen R. Layman

Maria Sampson, SCN

Michele and Barry Asbury

Dennis and Beth Ford

Mark and Paula Lea

William and Betty Sampson

Mary and Dennis Axman

Urna and Jerry Fortune

Louise Leasor

Stephanie A. Sanborn

Margaret J. Baird

Gertrude Foster, SCN

Nancy Leatherman

Rita A. Schafer

Mark and Valerie Baldy

Mary Ann Fowler

James T. Lechleiter

James Michael Schaller

Nancy L. Ballard

Lola and William Freedman

Catherine Lee, SCN

Patricia Schmidt

Nora J. Ballard, SCNA

Mary Concepta Fudalla, SCN

Kathy Lee

Karen Schmitt, SCNA and Steven Schmitt

Jamie L. Barber

Evelyn Fugazzi, SCN

Mary M. Lee

Mary Schmuck RSM

Ruth Bare

Joanne M. Gagliardo

Paul S. Lee

Louis and Lora Schneider

Doris and Robert Barletta

Kenneth and Dorothy Gammon

Jo Anne and Dwight Lefevre

Mary A. and Claude Schneider

Mary Florence and H. W. Barnes

Charlene and Tom Gandolfo

Donald J. Leffler

Doris J. Schnell

Julia Ann Barr

Barbara A. Gard

Karen and Peter Legato

School Sister of St. Francis

Mary Ann Field Barrall

George I. Gates

Robert and Susan Lemire

Mary Lou and Edward F. Schroeder

Catherine and Roy Bartlett

Christopher and Kathy Gatz

Barbara Ann Lengvarsky, SCN

Mary Dee and Allen G. Schroering

Patricia Bartolo, SCN

Susan Gatz, SCN

Patricia A. Levins

Marilyn Schuler

Margaret Gambol Bash

GE Foundation

Betty Jean Lewis

Helen and Richard Schulte

Nancy Bash

Clara Ann Geary

Lynn Canale Lifsey

Lisa and Curtis Schum

David L. Bauer

Geraldine Geary

Marilyn and Steve Lilly

Mary Jane and Robert E. Schutzius

John and Lynn Bauscher

Martha F. Gembarosky

Loretto Literary & Benevolent Institution

Roger R. Schwartz

William and Martha Baxter

Rev. Lt. Stephen J. Gergel, USN, Ret.

Margaret A. Loyd

Nina Ruth Schweitzer

Robert and Marilyn Beam

Dorothy Gerlica, SCN

Norbert and Rosemary Lubbers

Bernard and Hilda Schwieterman

George Behary

Rose Mary Gerlica, SCN

Richard G. Lucas

Marian Schwind

Patricia Lauderdale Bell, Ph.D.

Rick and Carolyn Gesue

Connie K. Lusher, SCNA

SCN Media Center

Fleurette Benckart

Rita Gesue, SCN

Mary and Edward Lyons

SCN Western Province (Nazareth)

Ann and Hugh Bergman

Rev. and Mrs. Calder A. Gibson, II

Jean Maas

Jennifer Scott

Thomas and Judith Berhalter

Elaine D. Giebelhaus

Dorothy MacDougall, SCN

Sharon and Paul Selvestru

Bethlehem Packaging and Die Cutting, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Giel, Jr.

Elizabeth MacDougall, SCN

Mary Judith Seman, SCN

Patricia Beusterien

Betty Gill

Helen Mackin

Frances P. Sentino, SCNA

Thomas and Trudy Bieger

Barbara Gilmetti, SCN

Donna and Daniel Majewski

Antoinette Severin, SCN

Mary and Cecil Black

Joseph E. Giordano

Barbara Makar, SCN

Louis and Marie Shanks

Marian Ann Blair

Mary J. Glad

Paula Manco

Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN

Connie and Charles Blake, SCNAs

Nancy C. Glaser

Gina and Bob Mangold

Nancy and John Sheeketski

Michael Blehar

Robert and Sandy Glasford

Anna C. Mann

Karen and Martin Shepherd

Lori Blessinger

Rebecca and Daniel Glasser

David and Michlen Manning

Mary Ann Sheridan

Helen Blodgett, SCN

Mary Susann Gobber, SCN

Rev. John and Barbara Mansfield

Donna Shidell

Ruth D. Blodgett

Mary Serra Goethals, SCN

Eileen Marcinko, SCN

Helen N. Shott

Lawrence and Jan Bloemer

Brenda Gonzales, SCN

Thomas and Eleanor Marcinko

Diane Shullick

Lorraine Bloemer

Alfred and Susan Gough

Larry and Michelle Marietta

Mary A. Siffel

Elizabeth G. Bobinski

Michael and Diane Graf

Betty B. Martin

Jenna Signore

Thomas and Beverley Boehling

Heidi Graham

Judith A. Martin, SCNA

LaVerne Sihelnik, SCN

Teresa A. Bonfield

Maura and Clyde Graven

Francis Mataac

Alice M. Silvestri

Elizabeth Boone, SCN

Carolyn T. Gray

Philip and Margaret Mattingly

Jane Keyer Simile

Mary Theresa Boone

Laura and Ronald Gray

Christine and Kevin Matuska

Sisters of Charity (Bard. Rossland)

Martha J. Borders, SCNA

Mary Allen Greathouse

Anne Rita Mauck, SCN

Sisters of Charity (Guest House)

Ronald Bornhoft

Corinne and Jason Greenberg

William L. Mauck

Sisters of Charity (Lou. Bluegrass)

Dolores Bourke

Greenwell Chisholm Printing Co.

Joelle Mauer, SCSC

Sisters of Charity (Lou. Bonnycastle)

Cheryl and Joseph Bowling

Dolores Greenwell, SCN

Christina Maxson

Sisters of Charity (Lou. Breckenridge)

Mary F. Boyce

Teresa and John Gregory

Marlene Rasche McCabe

Sisters of Charity (Lou. Eastern Pkwy)

John and Barbara Braddock

Karen and Paul Griffith

Joan S. McCafferty

Sisters of Charity (Lou. Jaeger)

Mary Braley, SCN

Kimberly A. Grissom

Stephen and Pauline McCartney

Sisters of Charity (Lou. Newburg 301)

Jeremy Brandenburg

Frances K. Groom

Carol McClure

Sisters of Charity (Lou. Newburg 201)

Mary K. Branton

Sandy and Joseph Gross

Mary M. McCormack

Sisters of Charity (Naz. David 301)

Robert and Pat Brennan

Margaret A. Guilford

Theodore McCormick

Sisters of Charity (Naz. David 102)

Vicki L. Bridges

Mary Jo and Robert Guinan

Mary V. McCubbin

Sisters of Charity (Naz. Motherhouse)

Charles and Claudia Brocato

Clara and Jim Gunning

Rita and Perry McCubbin

Sisters of Charity (Naz. O'Connell 3-D)

Maria Vincent Brocato, SCN

Janet M. Gustafson

Mary J. McEnery

Sisters of Charity (Naz. O'Connell 3-G)

Sammy C. Brocato

Pamela El Hachimy

Rita McFarland

Sisters of Charity (Naz. O'Connell 3-J)

Vincent and Georgette Brocato

Robert and Elva Hackel

Rosellen McGonegle

Sisters of Charity (Naz. SCN Center Convent)

Susan and Gerald Broniak

Agnes Marie Hagan, SL

Ellen Paul McGovern, SCN

Sisters of Charity (Peg Ln, Memphis, Tenn.)

Ann Brown

Anita Hager, SCN

Mildred McGovern, SCN

Sisters of Charity (Saint Louise Convent)

Dorothy Elizabeth Brown

Victor and Barbara Hagman

Joel W. McGraw, FSC

Sisters of Charity of New York

Jerry and Linda Bruckheimer

John and Theresa Hall

Jeanne and Michael McKinley

Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Mercy

John Bruggman

Maura and Edward Hamilton

Margaret Meisner, SCN

Paris Slapikas, SCN

Kimberly A. Brumleve

Lorraine and Freddie Hancock

Maria M. Melendez, SCNA

Martha A. Smelser

Regina A. Buckley

Katharine Hanrahan, SCN

Theresa M. Melhorn

Cheryl Smith

Thomas J. Burch, Sr.

Anna Jeanne Hardesty, SCN

Francis J. Mellen, Jr.

Jane and William Smith

Virginia M. Burkart

Rita Hardesty

Patricia Mellen

Jean Marie and Joseph Gary Smith

Mary Burns, SCN

Agnes I. Harrington

Mary Leslie and Raymond J. Meyer

Louise Smith, SCN

Dr. Vicki E. Burns

Genevieve Harrington

Susan Meyer

Marianne Smith

Nancy J. Burrows

John and Elizabeth Hart

Maureen Meyers

Phyllis and Clyde R. Smith

David W. Buschle

John and Joanne Hartlage

Mary Elizabeth Middendorf, SCN

Rapier and Violet Smith

Rev. William C. Bush

Leeann Hartlaub

Margaret and Edward Middleton

William Smith and Kathryn Christiansen

William and Inge Caldwell

Pauline Hastings

Anna B. Milburn

Lois Soltis

Kerry A. and Robert T. Cambron

Miriam Louise Hauser, SCN

Kathleen M. Miller

Linda Soltis, SCN

Carol Campbell

Ann V. Hayden, SCNA

Mary A. Miller

William M. Sonnett

Ed and Kathy Campbell

Thelma T. Hayden

Mary Elizabeth Miller, SCN

Freda St. Columbia

Patricia E. Campisano

Patricia Ann Healey, SCN

Rosemary and Lewis Miller

St. John Central High School (Bellaire, Ohio )

Virginia Caponi

Dorothy M. Healy

Eileen Mitchell, SCNA

St. Ladislas Senior Stars

Helen Carbol, SCN

Patricia and Mark Hearns

Mary Ann Mitchell

St. Mary Central School (Martins Ferry, Ohio)

Geraldine and Stephen Cardillo

Geraldine H. Heatherly

Mary and Donald Mitchell

Sandy Stahl

Melinda R. Cardwell

Dick and Alice Heaton

Lonnie and Nancy Moert

Saralee A. Stahl

Francis Robert Carothers

Marlies B. Heiland

Susan and Robert Montague

Roseanne and Robert Stalter

Clara L. Carrico

Carol Heilman

Debra L. Moore, SCNA

Emily and Carl Stamm

Mary and Vernon Carter

John and Peggy Helm

Linda Bunger Moore

Margaret June Stanley

James and Jeanne Cash

Erica and Tom Helmick

Mary L. Moorman

Nancy J. Staples

Theresa Cash, SCN

Eddie Herlein

James and Judith Morris

Alice and Joseph Stasio

Alice Casper, SCN

Kathleen Hertel and Scott Baker

William and Ida Morris

Mary J. Steckbeck

Barbara D. Cattey

Lisa Boley Heuser

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Moser, M.D.

Mary Burke and Richard Stephens

Tessie and Don Cecil

Lisa and Robert Hiatt

Raymond and Regina Mudd

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Stiff

Kay Cencerik

Martha N. Hickman, SCNA

John Loretto Mueller, SCN

Thomas T. Stocker

Charles and Charlotte Chamberlain

Mary Angela Hicks, SCN

Mary M. Mulvihill

Rose and George Strickland

Martha and Vincent Cheshire

Michael G. Hildenbrand

Kathleen and George Mundle

Ellen T. Sullivan

Maria Estelle Chopnak, SCN

Darlene and William Hill

Thomas V. Munns, Jr.

Sara Sullivan

Cecilia and Robert Chou

Patricia Marie Hill, SCN

Elaine D. Munsch

Marie Sweeney and Fred Taylor

Walter Clancy

Thomas Hines

James and Shirley Murphy

John S. Swift

Marian L. Clark

Bob and Nadine Hite

Margaret Regina Murphy, SCN

Constance Marie Tarallo, SCN

Mary Kathryn Clark

Louis and Mary Ann Hoagland

Pamela and James Murphy

L. Clark and Judith Taylor

Sandra Clark

Earline Hobbs, SCN

Norma and Bobby Myers

Thomas and Ann Taylor

William and Rebecca Clark

Flora W. Hobbs, SCNA

Emily Nabholz, SCN

Barbara and William Thomas

Mary and Kenneth Cline

Linda V. Hodges

Tim and Brenda Nabholz

Dorothy Thomas, SCN

Eugenie Coakley, SCNA

Janet C. Hoehler

Ron and Donna Nance

Quinn D. Thomas

Mary A. Cobbs

George and Viola Hoffman

Marcelina Navarro, SCN

Albert and Molly Thompson

Philip and Susan Coco

Sarah and Stan Hoffmann

Nazareth Campus Service Mission Committee

Carey Thompson

Doris Ann Colgate

Florence Holmes

Nazareth College Class of 1959

Janet and Gary Thompson

Gail Collins, SCN

Margaret and Richard Hommrich

John Neale

Molly Thompson, SCN

Joan and Charles Collins

Rita Hommrich, SCN

Eileen and Jack Nelson

Vie Thorgren, SCNA and Richard Thorgren

Committee on Corporate Responsibility

Susan and Gerald Hope

Phyllis Fister Newman

James R. Thornberry

Rosemary and John Conroy

Ann Horvat, SCN

Carol Newton, SCNA and Steve Newton

Elizabeth J. Timko

Ellen Contreras

Joseph J. Horvat

Frank Nobel

Bonnie Tingle

Robert Conway

Peter and Mary Houck

Anne Marie Noonan

Dolores M. Tomlan

Byron and Kay Corbett

Alice and Charles Howard

Nordson Corporation

Dan and Catherine Topley

Julie A. Corbett

Carroll E. Howard, M.D.

Peggie Notarianni

Peter Torkildsen

Miriam Corcoran, SCN

Rose Ann Howard, SCN

Dorothy and John O'Bar

Mary and John Trager

Maureen Coughlin, SCN

Shirley Ann Howe, SCN

William and Rosemary O'Bryan

Lorraine Travaglione

Regina Courey

Elaine and Stephen Hughes

Suzanne and Brian O'Connor

Mary Uhrick

Dario and Madeline Covi

Ruth Ann Humphrey, SCN

Phyllis and William O'Dea

F. Newton Underwood, Jr.

Nancy W. Cowell

Evelyn Hurley, SCN

Sheila O'Donnell-Schuster

Anna Marie Valloric

Beth M. Crafton

David and Donna Jackson

Office of Congregational Advancement

Sharon and Steven Vance

Patricia B. Crapo

Dorothy Jackson, SCN

John Edith O'Meara, SCN

Elizabeth Vannucci, SCN

Rose Mary and Terrence Craven

Randal and Leonilda Jamison

Elizabeth and Richard Osborne

Karen and William Varga

Jane Crawford

Danielle Jankoviak, SCN

Rev. Robert E. Osborne, SCNA

Malissa Vavra and Thomas Picchi

Eileen Fowkes Crimmins

Barbara and Robert Jansing

Marie Celine Osbourn, SCN

Rev. Michael Vecchio

Charles and Mary Ann Cronan

Lillian Jarnagin

John J. Osterman

Valerie and Ronnie Veech

Harrel and Cathie Crone

Jeanine Jaster, SCN

Stephen O'Sullivan

Joetta Venneman, PBVM

J. B. Crone

Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. Joffe

Joan and Charles Pace

Jane J. Vignault

Michaella Cronin, SCN

Ann M. Johnson

Paula E. Palotay

Ann Susan Villa, SCN

Alice and Charles Curnick

Mary Eula Johnson, SCN

Donna Marie Palya, SCN

Martha and Josef Villiger

Michael and Barbara Czirr

Rachel and David Johnson

Camille Panich, SCN

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vinkler

Timothy and Linda Czirr

Ruth Johnson

Phyllis and Paul Parker

Brenda Viselli

Joyce and Terence Daley

Diane and Gregory Jones

Joseph and Olga Pasquarella

Molly Vollmer

Margaret Lillian Davenport, SCN

Mary, Alfred and Karen Jones

Phyllis Passafiume

Volunteers at St. Joseph Hospital (Lex., Ky)

Margaret J. Davies

Rosalie and Russell Jones

Susan and William Patsche

Judith E. Vowels

Bobby and Edna Davis

Brian C. Jones

Joel T. Patterson

Christine Wagner

Joetta Davis, SCNA and Christopher Davis

Margaret Joschak

Shirley and Raymond Patterson

Kenneth and Patricia Walker

Mary A. Day

Agnes Bowling Jury

Kyle and Vicki Patton

Rose Andrew Waller, SCN

Devon Dazen

Richard and Mary Kanaskie

Jo Ann Paulin, SCNA

Jeanette and Floyd Webb

Patricia M. and William J. Deatrick

James and Janice Kane

Annamarie Pavlik, SCN

Michael K. Webb

Omar Delgado

Mary Pauletta Kane, SCN

Jeanne Pavlik

Catherine Dwyer Weckel

Mary V. Dellinger

Rebecca Karonis

Rose Eleanor Perry, SCN

Mary Wedding, SCN

Michael A. Delord, Jr.

John F. Kastensmidt

Margaret and Anthony Perugini

Marilynn and William Weedon

Claire Delouise

Carole Kaucic, SCN

Barbara Peterson, SCN

Dr. and Mrs. Gerard Weigel

Dorothy and Robert Depietro

Mark and Lisa Kaucic

Karen and Ralph Piercy

Loretta Weller, SCN

Theresa and Frank DeSensi

Bruce P. Kauffmann

Edith V. Pitzer

Joseph Marita Wheatley, SCN

Tara and Patrick Desmond

Jeanne A. Kavanaugh

Rev. Stephen Pohl

Inez and John White

Sandra and Marvin Devers

William Keegan

Betty and Michael Polashock

Mary Susanne White

JoAn Dickerson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Keeley

Edward and Rose Polli

Grace Mary Whittaker, SCN

Mary and Timothy Dickman

Anna Catherine Keene

Sergio and Elizabeth Portal

Diane and William Whoberry

M. Louise Diegmueller

Beatrice Ann Keller, SCN

Lorle Porter, Ph.D.

Frances Wicker, SCNA

Jeannine Diz

Jean Keller

Betty Powell

Eleanor Willett, SCN

Arthur and Julie Dobrucki

Josephine L. Kelley

Kathy and Ron Powell

Marilyn Rae Willett

Dominican Sisters of Peace at St. Catharine, Ky.

Marie John Kelley, SCN

Marita Pozek, SCN

Rachel Willett, SCN

Dominican Sisters of Peace, Inc.

Jo Ann Kelly

Forrest and Barbara Priddy

Sarah and Terry Williams

Rose-Marie Dominique

Robert Andrew Kennedy, III

Emily Pugh, SCN

Kitty Wilson, SCN

Anni Donahue

Virginia M. Kern, SCNA

Elaine Puthoff, SCN

Lois Wilson

Janice Downs, SCN

Ann Kernen, SCN

Noel Quinn

Mary Joan Wilson, SCN

Mary Demetria Downs

Mary Joyce Kernen, SCN

Joan Raber

Kimberly J. Wimsatt

John and Frances Doyle

Helen Kessens

Patricia L. Rademaker

Arthur J. Wissing, CPA

Mary Ellen Doyle, SCN

Mary M. Key

Judith Raley, SCN

Alice Teresa Wood, SCN

Joseph F. Driscoll and Margaret Thomas

Sharon and Ronald Kidd

Jane Ralston

Sarah Beth Woodruff

Julie Driscoll, SCN

Susan Kilb, SCN

Donald and Ann Ransdell

Edna C. Wooldridge

Martha Ann and David R. Driscoll

Lisa Kilkelly

Norma G. Rapier

Janice and William Wooldridge

Romeo and Rachel Dube

Kimberly A. Kimsey

Vincent Rattay

Patricia Ann Worley, SCN

Elizabeth and John Dubsky

Marylee King, SCN

Mary Margaret Reid, SCN

John and Kathy Wright

Clinton Duke

Harry and Rita Kirwan

Sophia L. Aken-Remmers and Daniel Remmers

Sue Wulf

Mark and Ruth Dundon

Harry and Dana Kirwan

Vance and Michelle Renninger

Leo and Marilyn Wurth

Vaudine W. Dunn

Joseph Kirwan

Mary Patricia Reynolds

Stella I. Yanik

Dr. and Mrs. John J. DuPlessis

Kelley A. Kirwan and James D. Owens

Anna Marie Rhodes, SCN

Margaret Mary Young

Judith Durant

Vikki Kisling

Mary Jane Rhodes, SCN

Geraldine M. Zehr

Patricia and Thomas Durham

Pamela and Christopher Klein

Richard S. Cohan

Mary Zena

Mary Assumpta Dwyer, SCN

Joan Klems

Rebecca Richert

Wilbert L. Ziegler

M. Jane Eaves

Virginia and Charles Knight

Linda S. and F. Norman Riggs

Linda Sills Zralek

Robert and Mary Edelen

Nancy Koblensky

Margaret Riggs, SCN

Joan Harris Zurhellen

Amanda and Leonard Ehringer

Ann and Peter Kochuparambil

Joan and Thomas Rillo

Susan Zurschmiede

Elizabeth and Lawrence H. Eisenhauer

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